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Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M
Marca: Sony
Categoria: Celulares
  • CPU: Dual-core 1 GHz Krait
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Armazenamento: 4 GB
  • Display: TFT, 4.0 inches
  • Câmera: 5 mega pixels
  • OS: Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.3

Nossa Avaliação

A avaliação geral é baseada na revisão por nossos especialistas

8.1 4.1 1
  • Design 8 / 10
  • Multimidia 10 / 10
  • Destaques 10 / 10
  • Conectividade 10 / 10
  • Custo x Benefício 10 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10
  • Tela 10 / 10
  • Câmera 8 / 10
  • Bateria 10 / 10

Sharing with friends and connecting your world has never been easier. Based on NFC (near field communication), Sony Xperia M’s one-touch functions connect one device to another in a single tap. No wires, cables, or fiddling with settings necessary.

Let the Xperia M shine in your hand. Choose from four stunning colours and let the premium details woo you. This smartphone makes no compromises when it comes to appearance.

Those amazing moments you’ve captured. Your favourite sitcoms. Or that music video you love watching again and again. This Bluetooth smartphone comes with a bright 4(10.16 cm) high quality display that’s perfectly sized for immersive entertainment – all without being bulky.

From the aluminium power button to the premium glass screen, Xperia M combines an array of carefully selected design details, held together by an innovative skeleton frame. Created with Sony OmniBalance design, this slim smartphone is especially crafted with symmetry in mind.

Designed with customisable illuminations, your Xperia M becomes even more unique. It will notify you of incoming calls, Facebook updates and more. Just another way that this Bluetooth smartphone makes your personality shine through.

Built with the same modules as leading Sony cameras, Xperia M comes with a 5 megapixel camera that lets you record in HD. It’s also designed with Auto Focus, a dedicated camera key that can shoot from a locked screen, plus a fast-capture function that goes from sleep to snap under one second – meaning you’ll never miss a capture-worthy moment again.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an imaging technology used to capture clear photos against strong backlight. With HDR, your Android smartphone captures the same image at different exposure levels and layers them to create one optimised photo. And thanks to HDR for video, you can film in high contrast situations. You get great footage, even if your subject stands in front of a window or the setting sun.

With Battery STAMINA Mode, Wi-Fi and data traffic are disabled during standby, but you still receive incoming calls, texts and alarms. And since everyone has different needs, you can easily customise which apps you want to receive push notifications from even in standby mode. Facebook notifications on or off? It’s up to you

The latest Sony software with the powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Plus processor. This dual core processor gives your Bluetooth smartphone top performance and speed without draining your battery – run multiple apps simultaneously, surf the web with no loading time, and stream videos without a break. The Snapdragon™ S4 Plus is asynchronous, which means each core is powered up and down independently. So you get the precise amount of power when you need it, without wasting power when you don’t.

Sony Xperia M - Especificações


  • Status




  • Touch Screen
    Capacitive touchscreen


  • Player de Áudio
    MP3, Wave
  • Player de Vídeo
  • FM Radio
    Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Tipos de Alertas
    Vibration, ringtones
  • Ring Tones
    MP3, WAV
  • Alto-falante
  • Handsfree
    3.5mm Headphone Jack


  • Flash Flash Light => Normalmente, dois tipos de flash são usados em telefones celulares com câmera, LED Flash (LED oferece menor consumo de energia com circuitos de drive que ocupam muito pouco espaço, LEDs podem ser strobed mais rápido que qualquer outra fonte de luz), Xenon Flash o flash produz uma luz branca extremamente intensa de espectro total por um período muito curto)
    LED flash


  • Java Support Java for Mobile Devices is a set of technologies that let developers deliver applications and services to all types of mobile handsets, ranging from price efficient feature-phones to the latest smartphones. Java is currently running on over 3 billion phones worldwide, and growing. It offers unrivaled potential for the distribution and monetization of mobile applications.
    Yes, via Java MIDP emulator


  • Chipset Chipset é um grupo de circuitos integrados projetados para executar uma ou mais funções dedicadas, geralmente com restrições de computação em tempo real. Os smartphones populares são equipados com chipsets integrados mais avançados que podem executar várias tarefas, dependendo da programação.
    Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8227
  • CPU CPU (Central Processing Unit) principalmente conhecido como processadores, CPU processa instruções para executar certas funções que fazem o seu dispositivo funcionar corretamente. Processadores são frequentemente descritos como o cérebro de computadores, smartphones e tablets, Smartphones e tablets dependem de processadores para realizar todas as suas tarefas, os processadores são um fator extremamente importante na escolha de qualquer tipo de dispositivo de computação, incluindo o seu smartphone.
    Dual-core 1 GHz Krait
  • GPU GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) é um processador de chip único projetado para manipular rapidamente e alterar a memória para acelerar a criação de imagens em um buffer de quadros destinado à saída para um monitor. Isso inclui coisas como efeitos de iluminação, transformações de objetos e movimento 3D.
    Adreno 305


  • Bluetooth Bluetooth is a wireless communications technology for exchanging data between mobile phones, headsets, computers and other network devices over short distances without wires, Bluetooth technology was primarily designed to support simple wireless networking of personal consumer devices.
    Yes, v4.0 with A2DP, ANT+
  • Wi-fi Wi-Fi is a popular wireless networking technology using radio waves to provide high-speed network connections that allows devices to communicate without cords or cables, Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connectivity all over the world.
    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA
  • Wi-fi Hotspot
  • USB
    Yes, microUSB v2.0, USB On-the-go
  • GPS GPS The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based radio navigation system, GPS permits users to determine their position, velocity and the time 24 hours a day, in all weather, anywhere in the world, In order to locate your position, your device or GPS receiver must have a clear view of the sky.
    Yes, with A-GPS support and GLONASS
  • NFC NFC (Near field communication) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish peer-to-peer radio communications with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches.


  • GPRS GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a packet oriented mobile data service on the 2G and 3G cellular communication system's global system for mobile communications (GSM), Generally, GPRS is used for the purpose of wireless data transfer, such as sharing pictures and videos or browsing the Internet via a mobile phone connection.
  • EDGE EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment) is a wireless network technology generally considered the next step in the 2G network offers data transfer rates up to four times faster than ordinary GSM networks, Generally, EDGE is used for the purpose of wireless data transfer, such as sharing pictures and videos or browsing the Internet via a mobile phone connection.
  • Speed
    HSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
  • Web Browser Web Browser => a web browser is a software application used to locate, retrieve and display content on the World Wide Web, including Web pages, images, video and other files, The primary function of a web browser is to render HTML, the code used to design or markup webpages.
    Yes, HTML5


  • Standby Standby Time is the total amount of time that you can leave your is fully charged, turned on and ready to send and receive calls or data transmissions before completely discharging the battery.
    Up to 552 h (2G) / Up to 454 h (3G)
  • Tempo de Conversação Talk Time is the longest time that a single battery charge will last when you are constantly talking on the phone under perfect conditions, Ambient temperature and highly dependent on the cellular network environment such as the distance to the closest cell network tower.
    Up to 10 h (2G) / Up to 9 h (3G)
  • Tocando música
    Up to 40 hours